I have had to stop doing my two talk programs because it was taking too much time away from my business to prepare the material I wished to share.

I will continue to be a guest on any talk program that invites me, because the material I discuss on any program is material I already have prepared (for instance, my four DVD's on my website.) I will endeavor to put announcements of any scheduled appearances on this website when they become known to me.

Thank you for your support of my work.    Ralph Epperson

P.S. I would like to thank Victor Thorn, another researcher into the Conspiratorial View of History, for including me in his 20 member HALL OF FAME, "the top Conspiracy Theorists in Modern History."

I must admit that I was shocked that anyone would make such a determination, but I am honored to be included in with Gary Allen, Antony Sutton, and Jim Marrs, amongst others, because these are the top three researchers, in my opinion, in the modern era.

The headline of the July 4th, 1948 Lawton, Oklahoma newspaper reads:
History has recorded that Jesse James, America's most famous outlaw, was shot to death by Bob Ford on April 3, 1882.
So this headline appeared to be false. But in reality, it is the truth!
The man making the claim that he was JESSE JAMES, was J. Frank Dalton, and he said that this shooting in 1882 did not happen as historians have written.
He had decided to appear in Lawton in 1948 because he had promised his fellow members of the Knights of the Golden Circle, a European group that had planned the Civil War, as early as 1837, that he would tell the truth if he ever became 100 years of age.
Historian Ralph Epperson has spent 20 years researching Mr. Dalton's story  and he has concluded that IT IS TRUE.  And he has discovered these startling facts as well:
Jesse James, under the alias of William Andrews Clark:

poisoned John Wilkes Booth, the assassin of Pres. Lincoln, and a fellow member of the Knights of the Golden Circle, in 1903, 38 years after history recorded the claim that he was shot within weeks of his assassination of the President


was elected a U.S. Senator from Montana (1901 - 1907)


Clark County, Nevada (Las Vegas is the county seat) is named after him


Senator Robert LaFollette, Democrat-Wisconsin, described William Andrews Clark as being "one of a hundred men who own America"


owned the United Verde mine in Jerome, Arizona and made $50,000,000 in profits out of it


helped form the Ku Klux Klan in 1867 to start a SECOND CIVIL WAR


Ralph Epperson tells the entire story in his 270 page book entitled JESSE JAMES, UNITED STATES SENATOR. This is a must reading if you want to understand the past 200 years of American history.



Another Ralph Epperson, the owner of radio station WPAQ, was a major player in the country music field, so successful that he was elected to the North Carolina Broadcasters Hall of Fame in the year 2006. I am sorry to hear of his passing on May 31, 2006, and wish to apologize for any problems my name might have caused him and his reputation in the past! But there was nothing I could do to alleviate any confusion between the two Ralph Eppersons. And I wish to salute his major accomplishments!!!

Ralph Epperson, the author


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